Helmet Diving Video

Max Gleeson, author of several excellent books on NSW shipwrecks, and the Yongala, and cinematographer, has kindly made available online a video of the NAUI Helmet Diving Course held in Portland, Victoria. 

Diver Adverts

As mentioned in previous issues of our magazine, we are running free classified ads for members in “Classic Diver” magazine.

If you would like to advertise your interests, equipment you are looking for, books you have for sale or exchange, gear you have for sale – anything related to diving history please email a short description directly to our Editor, Jeff Maynard at jkmaynard@bigpond.com

Make sure you include your name and email (along with address or phone number if you want).

20th Anniversary Celebrations

2016 was the 20th anniversary of the Historical Diving Society Australia-Pacific.

A number of things were done to celebrate the event. First there was a bumper edition of our magazine, Classic Diver. This was published in Spring. Anniversary cloth badges were distributed to all current members and will be issued to new members in the 2016-2017 year.  The AGM was held in South Australia where the society was formed.  In conjunction with the AGM an excellent conference was held and we hope to make videos available at a later date.  Some items may also appear in future editions of Classic Diver.