Classic Diver

Classic Diver

Our journal, Classic Diver, is published four times a year.  The magazine has been produced for more than 10 years now, since 2006.  Prior to that our publication was the Historical Diving Society South East Asia Pacific (HDS SEAP) Newsletter.  Prior to that it was the Diving Historical Society Australia and South East Asia (DHS ASEA) Newsletter.  These changes reflect the change in name of our society over the years.

Classic Diver started as a black and white only publication, then had colour covers and finally became a full colour publication.  Typically it is around 28 pages per edition.

The first DHS ASEA newsletter was a single page of text in the form of a letter.  Images were added but it stayed as a black and white publication through the various name changes until it was replaced by Classic Diver.  Eventually it grew to a typical 8 page edition, sometimes with inserts for membership renewal, merchandise order forms, book advertisement, etc.  From Issue #2 to Issue #14 the format was an A5 booklet (A4 folded).  Issue #15 was a couple of A4 pages printed both sides.  From Issue #16 it became an A4 booklet (A3 folded).  During this time the newsletter was distributed with a copy of the HDS US magazine.  HDS Aus-Pac members contributed stories to the HDS US magazine and Jeff Maynard was the Australian editor for that magazine.  Due to this, the newsletter had much less historical diving content than todays Classic Diver.  The newsletter was focussed more on local events and news.

Below we have documented the contents of all editions of Classic Diver and the HDS ASEA newsletters except #1.  Issue #1 is being researched as it is believed to be a letter which had no number.  Once we are certain we have the right document we will add this to the contents list.



Number 93 Autumn 2020

Classic Diver Autumn 2020 No 93

President’s Report
New Year’s Day Diving
Diver Arthur Albert
The Art of Ley Kenyon
Helmet Divers of Thailand
The Cox Gun
Siebe Gorman Smoke Helmets and Pumps
Mini Cars and Mk XII Helmets
Neufeldt & Kuhnke Atmospheric Diving Suit


Number 89 – Autumn 2019

Portland Standard Dress Course & Rally ad
President’s Report
Broman Diving Bell
Review “Diving and Underwater Technology 1405 – 1830”
Port Victoria Maritime Museum South Australia
HDS Sweden 40th Anniversary
A Visit to Western Australia
The Port Noarlunga Open 1960-61
DESCO Helmet Diving in Tasmania
The Sea-Tite Story
The Alfred Taylor Helmet
A Standard Dress in Church
A Diver’s Life – John Gilbert
(Vale) Allan Power
HDS Aus-Pac Display at (forthcoming) OZTeK 2019

Number 90 – Winter 2019

Crabbgate (book advertisement) by John Bevan
President’s Report
Coming Events
New Members
2019 Photo Competition Announcement
Ted Eldred Award – call for nominations
Lester Smith in his TF-12 pictures by James McFarland
Buy, Swap and Sell
OZTeK 2019 Report
Buchanan-Gordon Suit in Russia by Alexander Sledkov
NAUI Standard Dress Course and Vintage Rally
Vale George Davies BEM by Mel Brown
Dr William Beebe by Des Williams
Charles Yonge’s Home Made Helmet by Des Williams
13th Annual International Historical Divers Meeting
Restoring General Aquadyne DM Band Masks by Tony Gregory
The Giant Movie Octopus by Des Williams
Weight Plates
Deep Sea Diving Rig (Mk V)
Back Cover: Tales Told in the Nursery – vintage book advertisement

Number 91 – Spring 2019

Notice of 2019 AGM
President’s Report
Italian Diving Monument from Faustolo Rambelli
Visiting International Colleagues  by Des Williams
Homemade Australian Scuba as reported  to Des Williams
Siebe Gorman Baby Pump by Phil McGowen
Sharing Diving Research by Des Williams
John Stevens’ TOA Project by Steve Taylor
Peter Kreeft Replica by Jeff Maynard, from a presentation by Franz Rothbrust
What Happened to the Towvane?
Heinke Serial Numbers by John Bevan and Mike Burchett

Number 92 – Summer 2019


President’s Report
Inaugural South Australian Scuba Week
Buy, Swap and Sell
Allan Power Plaque
Vale Wade Doak, Bob Ramsay and Dr Fiona Sharp
Keith Gordon wins Kelly Tarlton Award
Our 2019 AGM
Making a US Navy Divers Stool
Danish Treasure
Cage Diving a Siebe Gorman
Tribute to Tony Gregory
The Pioneering Braithwaites
Kendall McDonald, Diving Historian


Number 85 – Autumn 2018

Classic Diver No 85 Cover

President’s Corner
Coming Events
Franz Rothburst building a replica of the Peter Kreeft apparatus
Flinder’s (Victoria) New Year’s Day Dive by Des Williams
HDS Sweden’s Dyktankhuset by Des Williams
International Cooperation
Book review “Dining with Divers” by Simon Pridmore and David Strike
Book review “Diving for Treasure” by Vic Verlinden and Stefan Panis
The Colchester Window by Phil Thurtle
Soviet Bloc by Robert Graham
General Aquadyne DM-4 by Tony Gregory
Book review “Down to the Ships in the Sea” by Harry Grossett from Cathy Deane
A Tale of Three Robisons by Allan Kessler
Underwater by Cathy Deane
Belgian Divers’ Beer by Phil Thurtle

Number 86 – Winter 2018

Classic Diver No 86

President’s Report
Diving Demonstration at AQWA by Peter McMahon
KMB8 Rebuild by Tony Gregory
AGM Preliminary Notice
Call for Nominations for Ted Eldred Award
Tom Campbell – Early Scuba Diver by Mel Brown
William Taylor – the Accidental Diver by Cathy Deane
Leon Lyons by Larry McLean
A Tale of a Tugboat by Peter McMahon
Word Puzzle

Number 87 – Spring 2018

Classic Diver No 87
Notice of 2018 AGM
Vale Cathy Deane
Vale Ian Baston
Mystery Australian Diver Photograph by Des Williams
Freeman Threadgold by Phil Thurtle
Origins of the Deco Timer by Pavel Gross HDS Czech Republic
Gill Bros. Diving Pump by Allan Kessler, Steve Roe and Des Williams
Rescued Historic (Reg Sprigg’s) Diving Chamber by Des Williams
10th Annual NAUI Standard Dress Course and Rally by Allan Kessler
Lake Michigan (USA) Classic Diving Certification and Rally by Vincent Scarponi
The New DESCO Chinese Diving Dresses by Vincent Scarponi

Number 88 – Summer 2018

AGM/Conference Report
Underwater Jeep
Mystery Shoes
A Single Hose Regulator Mystery by Mel Brown
Ohgushi Diving Apparatus by Des Williams
DESCO Nuclear Helmet
Early Diving Experiences in South Australia and Beyond by Chris Vonderborch
1899 Pump Restoration by Steve Craig
Kirby Morgan Dive Control System 1 (DCS 1) by Clifton Kemp
Time for the Man Cave (Dacor Illuminated Clock) by Lester Smith


Number 81 – Autumn 2017

Classic Diver #81

Australia’s First Lady of Scuba?
President’s Report
Coming Events
New Year Vintage Dive – Victoria
Russian IPSA Apparatus by Hans Joachim Richter, HDS Germany
Jean Webb – The First White Woman Diver in Papua? by Peter Stone
Diving the Klingert by Peter Dick
Reece Discombe by Peter Stone
Underwater Craft of the Special Operations Executive by Jeff Maynard

Number 82 – Winter 2017

Classic Diver #82

Annual General Meeting and Historic Tour 14-15 October advertisement
President’s Report
Coming Events
Famous Names on HDS Aus-Pac Committee by Des Williams
Stephen Taylor wins ‘Name a Dive Boat’ contest
A Second Helmet Course in Melbourne by Steve Taylor
HDS Aus-Pac Display at OZTeK 2017
The Trials of a Working Diver – Gary Smith’s Story as told to Allan Kessler
Diving Historic Shipwrecks in a MkV by Vincent Scarponi, photos by Peter Venoutsos
Interview: Graeme Roberts, Founding Board Member of HDS Aus-Pac by Cathy Deane
Book Review – Soviet Combat Divers in World War To by Des Williams
Commander Crabb – What Really Happened by John Bevan
Call for Nominations for the Ted Eldred Award

Number 83 – Spring 2017

AGM advertisement
President’s report
Coming Events
Shinju Matsuri Festival notification
Notice of “The Porpoise” book reprint
Deane Helmet goes on Public Display
Western Australia Dive Day by Peter McMahon
The Real X-Men by Robert Lyman
Restoring a US Navy Divers’ Radio by Andre Laurendeau
Combined Portland 2017 Report
Brian Caunce by John Stevens
The Masked Man by Tony Gregory
The Berge Diving Mask by Des Williams
R.A.N. Diving from RN Diving Magazine, supplied by Phil Thurtle

Number 84 – Summer 2017

2017 AGM Photos
The  AQUA DIVE – vintage ad
President’s Report
Coming Events
2017 Ted Eldred Award: Des Williams
Restoring a General Aquadyne AH-2 by Tony Gregory
Charlie Edwards – Diver, Inventor by Des Williams
Standard Dress Diving Returns to Broome by Peter McMahon
U.S. Navy Mark V: DESCO and Morse by the DESCO team
Coming next issue … a story of 3 Robisons


Number 77 – Autumn 2016

Portland Rally and NAUI Standard Dress Course Advertisement
International Historical Divers Meeting of 11 – 12 June notice
Frank Zeigler wins Photo Funnies caption competition
Advertisement for sale of Siebe Gorman gear by United Divers
Deep Tea Diver – Des Williams shows his deep sea tea infuser
Katz Annual Dive Day by Allan Kessler
NZ Navy Divers Reunion by Keith Gordon
2016 Mussel Festival, Port Arlington, Victoria by Steve Taylor
New Year’s Day Dive by Steve Taylor
Diving Day at Port Stephens by Allan Kessler
The SS Tyrone Helmet Mystery by Keith Gordon
Restoring a Diving Pump Part 2 by Steve Taylor
A Graveyard Visit by Des Williams
George Haritos: Darwin Pearler by Helen Haritos
A.J. Morse & Sons, Milwaukee, Wisconsin by Steve Taylor

Number 78 – Winter 2016

Notice of AGM and Conference
Important Message re end of Credit Card Facility
Sea Bee by AirDive Help Wanted by Peter McMahon
Vale Bob Campbell by Des Williams
Western Australian Annual May Dive by Peter McMahon
Pearls and Politics from A Pearl in Plane by Basil hall from Walkabout Magazine, 1 November 1957 found by Peter Stone
Another Graveyard Visit by Des Williams
Siebe Gorman Mine Recovery Suite – A New Zealand Find by Keith Gordon
Contriving Diving by Ivor Howitt
Soviet Submarine Escape Gear by Robert Graham
Pictures from Australian Pix magazine 29 March 1941 and 26 April 1941 submitted by Peter Stone
The Other World by Edward du Cros from Australian Skindivers Magazine March 1961

Number 79 – Spring 2016

(Special 20th Annivrsary Issue)
President’s Report
Editor, Jeff Maynard’s, Introduction to the Special Edition
HDS Aus-Pac Conference Program
Portland: A retrospective by Steve Taylor with Des Williams
NAUI Helmet Diving Rally 2016 by Cathy Deane
Lustre Pealing Exhibition by Des Williams
Australiana Divers Timeline by Des Williams
Spearfishing in Australia by mel Brown
Clarry Ducker’s Rebreather by Keith Gordon
Albert Mervyn (Mick) Olsen AM by Cathy Deane
Scientific Diving: A Background
DESCO and Morse by Bill Pelky and Ric Koellner
Abandon Craft! Dive Club Recovers Bomber Debris by Anne Simons
Sea Bee by Airdive by Peter McMahon
Venturi Breathing by Jim Ager (1970s reprint)
Reading the Past – A Brief Look at Australian Spear and Scuba Diving Magazines by Mel Brown
A Brief History of Dive New Zealand/Dive Pacific Magazines by Dave Moran
Barry Andrewartha
Peter Stone
Tom Byron
Jeff Maynard
Western Australian Diving Pioneers by Peter McMahon
Helmet Diving in the Pines, Mount Gambier S.A. as told to Cathy Deane by Con Penglis
Heavy Treasure by Steve Taylor
The Deep Sea Diver by Jeff Maynard

Number 80 – Summer 2016

Our 20th Anniversary AGM by Des Williams
Ted Eldred Award Winner 2016 – Keith Gordon
Fremantle Ports Maritime Day 2016 by Peter McMahon
Robison Bros. & Co. melbourne by Steve Taylor
The Robison Goes Back in the Water by Stephen Roe
The White Heather by Phil Thurtle
Australia’s First Lady of Scuba – Interview by Dave Bryant
Cold War – Cold Water by Robert Graham
Book Review – Oceaneer by Mike Hughes, reviewed by Christopher Swann
HDS Germany Conference 2016 by Peter Dick


Number 73 – Autumn 2015

President’s Corner
Portland Rally and NAUI Standard Dress Course Advertisement
Mel Brown AM
Lotte Hass from HDS Germany
Summer Diving Wrap Up
A Giant Weekend in Perth
Undaunted – From Clearance Diver to Mercenary by Hugh O’Brien book review by Allan Kessler
Phil & Jane Thurtle, HDS UK, eet Keith Gordon, HDS Aus-Pac in Whangarei
Diving Library Donation by Simon Lessels
Noel Monkman – Diver and Scientist by Des Williams
Restoring Diving Cylinders by Tony Gregory
Rouse Diving Improver by Des Williams
John Blake: Diver by Allan Kessler
The Lawson Lung Part 2 by Tony Gregory
Helmet Divers’ Underwear by Steve Taylor

Number 74 – Winter 2015

Portland Rally and NAUI Standard Dress Course Advertisement
President’s Corner
New HDS Aus-Pac Cloth Badges
Cylinder Refurbishments – follow up note by Tony Gregory
HDS UK Visitors to Oz
Hans Hass Downunder
SMS Emden Diving Helmet by Des Williams
Western Australia Heritage Festival April 2015 by Peter McMahon
RAN Clearance Diver (Ret’d) Standard Dress Diving in WA by Peter McMahon
HDS Aus-Pac at OZTeK 2015 by Des Williams
The Birth of Cave Diving in Australia by Rod O’Brien
Buying a Dress by Steve Taylor
Carlo Filippetti  by Allan Kessler
A Visit to Low Head, Tasmania by Peter McMahon
The Lawson Lung Part 3 by Tony Gregory
Did You Know? By Des Williams

Number 75 – Spring 2015

Notice of 2015 AGM
President’s Corner
Happy 25th Birthday HDS UK by Des Williams
Photographer Opens a Deep Sea Business from the Sydney Morning Herald 2 June 1951 via Mel Brown
Appreciation Award – Web Master, Peter Stone
Dive Log cover features James McFarland in standard dress
For Sale: Scott Hydropak
Portland Rally 2015 report by Cathy Deane, photos James McFarland
Klingert’s Submarine by Karina Kowalska
Vale Bruce Thompson by Cathy Deane
Book Review: The Divinhood by Peter Jackson from Allan Kessler
Surviving My First Hard Hat Dive by Larry McLean
An Ex Garden Ornament by Des Williams
The Jack Wong Sue Auction by Peter McMahon
Siebe Gorman 1952 Underwater Lamp by Phil McGowen

Number 76 – Summer 2015

Portland Rally and NAUI Standard Dress Course Advertisement
President’s Report 2015
The Unseen ANZAC book review by Des Williams
Another Working Helmet Set in NSW
HDS Aus-Pac 2015 Annual General Meeting report
United and Undaunted – the First 100 Years – advertisement
Heinke’s Darnley Pump compilation from Des Williams, Dr John Bevan and Jeff Maynard
Restoring a Diving Pump Part 1 by Steve Taylor
A Visit to DESCO Corporation, Milwaukee, USA by Peter McMahon
Exploring Deep Water graphic sent in by Phil Thurtle
Photo Funnies competition
The Clifford Death Trap by Des Williams
TECO: The Thompson Engineering Co. Shallow Water Diving Mask by Robert Graham
Early DESCO MKV by Brian Tasker
Diving Memorabilia by Cathy Deane


Number 69 – Autumn 2014

AGM Notice
President’s Corner
News from the Deep
Western Australia News
Peter’s pool Diving Extravaganza
Return of the Creature from the
Black Lagoon
Diver John “Jack” Martin
The Masked Man – Scubapro Modern Full Face Mask
Hans Hass Transporter Box
My Siebe Gorman Single Cylinder Pump
Porpoise Rebuilds
A Unique Helmet
Brewery Research

Number 70 – Winter 2014

Notice of AGM
President’s Corner
News from the Deep
More Alcoholic Decompression by Phil and Jane Thurtle
Standard Dress Diving Kit Spares
HDS Poland Researches Klingert Diving Apparatus
Call for Nominations – Ted Eldred Award
Notes from our Treasurer ? membership Secretary
2014 HDS Aus-Pac Rally / AGM
Free Membership Renewal Raffle
Extra HDS Aus-Pac Lapel Badges
Ted Eldred Award Recipients
Photo of Tony Colochino sent in by Ivor Howitt
Photo of Keith Gordon at Tec-Fest New Zealand with new HDS Aus-Pac banner
Vale Jiri Trpik – President HDS Czech Republic
HDS Aus-Pac visits Prince of Wales Hospital Hyperbaric Unit, NSW, by Phil McGowen
St Leonards Pier, Victoria 29th December 2013 by Mark Ryan
HDS Aus-Pac Dive Day at Nelson Bay, NSW
Portland 2014 by Cathy Deane and Phil McGowen
Queens’ Birthday Weekend Diving in Tasmania by Simon Lessels
Sea Bee is Alive and Well by Peter McMahon
A Rare Find (Mares Air King) by Peter McMahon
Saturation Diving: Gulf of Mexico 1969 – The Daniel Boone Accident by Mike Cooke
DESCO Helmet Diving Light by Steve Taylor
Bill Heffernan – Pioneer Spearfisher by Mel Brown
Siebe Gorman 12 Bolt Helmet by Phil McGowen
VEB Medizintechnik Leipzig – a German Story by Dr. Lothar Sevek
HDS Aus-Pac and Ted Eldred’s Legacy by Steve Taylor
Mystery HDS Aus-Pac Member by Des Williams
Insert – HDS Aus-Pac Membership Renewal Form and Renewal Prize Information

Number 71 – Spring 2014

Notice of AGM
Beneath the Waves
New advertisement for Dive Log
“Japanese Diver Dies” from Brisbane Courier Mail 24th January 1935
100 Years Ago this Month (AE1)
Niagara Diving Chamber Replica (from NZ)
Albury Rally, AGM & Swap Meet
A Visit to HDS Czech Republic by Ludvik Farka
Raffle Winners
HDS Aus-Pac Gear
Streeters Divers Ale
8th International Historical Divers’ Meeting by Franz Rothbrust
Diving Under Ice by Vince Scarponi
Making the Dream Come True by Ken Wheaton
The Diver and the Devil-Fish by Captain Des Williams
Twin Hose Scuba is Back by Steve Taylor
Perils of War – The Life of a Diver by Garry Luxton
AMA: Women of the Sea
Diving Myths by Steve Taylor
Treasure Down Below game

Number 72 – Summer 2014

International Legends of Diving by Peter Stone
Out & About by Des Williams
Portland Rally and NAUI Standard Dress Course Advertisement
Catalina Flying Boat Festival report by Allan Kessler
HDS Aus-Pac Appreciation Awards
From the Newspaper Archives:
• A Punt Capsize, A diver’s Peril, Narrow Escape of occupants
• Gruesome Find, Skeleton Underwater, Diver’s Experience
• Remarkable Diving, Depth of 45 fathoms, New Suit Successful
The Swimming Pogo Stick
2014 Ted Eldred Award to Jeff Maynard
HDS Aus-Pac 2014 Annual General Meeting report by Cathy Deane
Siebe Gorman Torches 1935 – 1969 by Phil McGowen
The Lawson Lung Part 1 by Tony Gregory
King of the Coral Sea movie poster
Australia’s 1860 Submarine by Des Williams with Keith Gordon
The Silent Front by Paul Schenk book review by Peter Stone
Early Czech Diving Ideas by Peter Katz
Remembering Rocky by Tony Gregory


Number 65 – Autumn 2013

Wrecks of War
News from the deep
New Year’s Day Dive 2013
The Old Gentleman of Raahe
Restoring RegSprigg’s Five Chambers
The Masked Man – Admiralty pattern Full Face Mask
The Great Weight Experiment
Vale: Ron Taylor
Able Seaman John (Jack) Gabriel Driver II, RAN
Standard Dress: Anything but Standard

Number 66 – Winter 2013 

News from the Deep
Visit to United Sterling and Maritime Museum in Hong Kong
Wrecks of War Book Launch
HDS SEAP Assists HMAS Melbourne Exhibition
RAN Re-enactment Dive at Chowder Bay
Davies Scuba Unit: 60 Years Later
TOA Helmets
DESCO’s Light Project
The Masked Man

Number 67 – Spring 2013

Diver’s Weights Surface on the Murray River
Back to the Elingamite
Early Porpoise Comes to the Surface
A Porpoise Puzzle
NAUI Standard Dress Diving Course 2013
7th International Vintage Divers Meeting
Vale Jim Ager
Ghosts of Helmets Past
Mark V Winter Dive
Diving for Charity in WA
Able Seaman John (Jack) Gabriel, Diver II, RAN, Part 2

Number 68 – Summer 2013

News from the deep
Our 2013 AGM
South Australia News
Way Out West
HDS Aus-Pac Members Visit Australia
Sydney Vintage Diving Group
Photo and Article on Spear-fishermen, including member Ivor Howitt, searching for drowned man in 1950s
HDS Aus-Pac Display at Mount Gambier
Vintage Diving in Finland
HDS Aus-Pac Visit Police Divers
Drum Divers of the Pacific
Another Early Aussie Regulator
A Custom Commercial Helmet
New Helmet Diving Air Control Panel


Number 61 – Autumn 2012

Jumping in the Deep End
News from the Deep
Portarlington Mussel Festival
Military Barracks Turns 200
History of Diving Museum
Diving Under the Iron Curtain
A German Frogman Downunder
The Mysterious Rebreather
Cave Diving, Wellington (1957)
Scuba Guy
The Book Collector
Garden State Recovery Unit
Inside Back Cover: Classifieds

Number 62 – Winter 2012

News from the deep
Giant Diver Commemorates 100th Anniversary of the “Titanic: sinking
The Frogmen Show
A Regulator Ahead of its Time
The Masked Man
Making a Diver’s Stool
Search for the Holy Grail of Dive Books
Putting a Hat in the Water
Bottom Walker

Number 63 – Spring 2012

News from the deep
The Masked Man
Making a Diver’s Stool
DESCO Lead Mold Project
Killing Time in England – Looking into history
Vintage Scuba – Modern Setting
Breaking the Ice
Portland 2012
Dawson’s Regulators
Dive Australia – A Handbook for Scuba Divers
Book Review – Redbill:  The Life and Times of a Remarkable Lugger
Book Review – Brutnall’s Follies

Number 64 – Summer 2012

News from the Deep
The Art of Diving
2012 Ted Eldred Award
Vale Kent “Rocky” Rockwell
Professional Dive Services Vintage Pool Dive
Way Out West – Western Australian News with Peter McMahon
The Masked Man
Steve’s Top 10 – Tips for Vintage Scuba
DESCO’s Tung Feng Project
Breaking the Ice Part 2
Earl Mountbatten and the Porpoise
Retired Commercial Diver: Dick Florio
Diving Into the Movies


Number 57 – Autumn 2011

News from the Deep
Summer Lovin’
WA Dive Day
19th Century Australian Helmet
Ivor Howitt wins award
The Masked Man
A history of the dive flag
The Low Isles Helmet
Helmets… and more helmets

Number 58 – Winter 2011

Jumping in the Deep End
News from the Deep
Recollections of a Pearl Diver
OZTeK ’11
Secretary’s News
Vintage Scuba Course
US Navy Standard Divers Knife
Underwater 3D Photography
The Masked Man
Nemrod Snark
As time goes by…

Number 59 – Spring 2011

Jumping in the Deep End
News from the Deep
HDS UK Unveils its Museum
Belting Up
NAUI Standard Dress Course 2011
The Elingamite Treasure Divers
Mystery Helmet
National Technical Museum – Prague
Smith’s Rock Strikes
Sea Hunt Anniversary Dive
Dave Quinlan’s BC
Lake Marx Historical Gathering
Aussie Pioneer – Dick Charles
As Time Goes By – Cathy Deane
Diving the TOA
The Masked Man
Military Support for Porpoise
Making an Icon – US Navy Mk V

Number 60 – Summer 2011

President’s Message
News from the Deep
2011 Annual General Meeting
Secretary’s Report
2011 Ted Eldred Award
Shipwreck Museum Visit
Broome W.A.
The Helmet That Got Away
Classic Scuba Workshop
Buying a DESCO Mark V
So you want to dive a Mark V?
As time goes by…
The Masked Man
Vintage Scuba Guy
The Book Collector
Inside Back Cover: Classifieds


Number 53 – Autumn 2010

Jumping in the Deep End
News from the Deep
Helmet Divers Mussel In
Courage and the Helmet Diver
DescoDuring the War
Sea Lion – A British Alternative
Circa 1880 Siebe & Gorman
Memories of the 60s
William May – 19th Century Diver
Free Classifieds

Number 54 – Winter 2010

Jumping in the Deep End
News from the Deep
HDS – 20 Years On
Diving History in Darwin
Deep, Dark and Dangerous
Kirby Morgan-Yokohama
Port Emergency Service – Melb.
A History of Dive Watches
The Pirelli Lung
Crouching Dragons of Japan
John Lethbridge Monograph
A Final Word
Free Classifieds

Number 55 – Spring 2010

Jumping in the Deep End
News from the Deep
Professional Diving Services
Charles Edwards
Diving Melbourne Aquarium
Another Whitstable Trade
Vintage Scuba Safety
2010 NAUI Standard Dress Course
How I Bought My First Dress
Buying Chinese Gear
The Book Collector

Number 56 – Summer 2010

Jumping in the Deep End
News from the Deep
2011 AGM
A Dream Come True
Lost Bullion Box
Russian regulator
Thought Bubbles
Dressing Up: W.A.
Dressing Up: NZ
Collecting Early Aqua Lungs
Aqua Lung Green Label
Fake Siebes
Pearl Shellers DVD
Masters of the Rebreather
New Publications
The Book collector


Number 49 – Autumn 2009

Jumping in the Deep End
First Scuba System
Charles Edward NS Gold diver
Heinke MKII (Horn)
Recollections of the 70’s
U.S. Rebreathers of the 50s
A Day I’ll Always Remember
Jack Sue:  Aussie Dive Pioneer
Book Collector
Free Classifieds

Number 50 – Winter 2009

Jumping in the Deep End
Vale: Kevin Hood
Diving the 19th Century RD
OzTek ’09 Report
The Way we Were
Book Collector
Naked Diving in the 20th Century
Melbourne Diving Services
Jack Sue
Divers Yarns

Number 51 – Spring 2009

Jumping in the Deep End
Australia’s Augustus Siebe Helmet
URG: The Early Years
NAUI Dress Diving Course
Victoria’s Ships Graveyard
VALE Max Shean
100 y.o Dive Manual
Visionaire Rebuild
The Final Word

Number 52 – Summer 2009

Jumping in the Deep End
News from the Deep
AGM and Rally
European Vacation
Jeff Hakko Collection
WA Divers Reunion
USFA/AUF Reunion
Diving the Dawson Flomatic
A History of Russian Diving
Hot Water Bottle Hookah
Robison Bros. & Co.
Identifying Regs from A-Z
A Diver’s Photo Album
Oldest Recreational Dive Club
Members’ List
Free Classifieds


Number 45 – Autumn 2008

News … events … happenings..
Drafer Pressure Bag
Dive Reports
Perils of Pearling
History of Rebreathers
Pearling Part #3
Frank Crilley – Arctic Diver
Firefighting and Diving
The Book Collector

Number 46 – Winter 2008

Our new equipment policy
News and events
Ted Eldred Awards
Dive Reports and Events
MSA Regulator Puzzle
Clearance Diver Bill Fitzgerald
Californian Classic Equipment Diving
Buchanan Gordon Dress
Jamaica Sub Aqua Club

Number 47 – Spring 2008

News, Private Dive Reports, Events
A Visit to Winchester Cathedral
Jim White and the White Regulator
First Slovenian Ladies in Diving
Become a Classic Diver
Chum Magazine 1898: Training Divers
The Book Collector
Members’ Classifieds
Diving Anzac Cove

Number 48 – Summer 2008

Jumping in the Deep End
Ted Eldred Award
Private Dive Reports
Ted Eldred: The Early Years
Porposise CA Rebuild
Townsville Rally
The Book Collector
Vale:  Morris Simon
Barnes Scubamatic
Smoke Helmets Comeback
A Premature Death
Drivers yarns
Free Classifieds


Number 41 – Autumn 2007

News … events … happenings…
Letters to the Editor
Helmet Diving returns to T1
Rebuliding a Porpoise Prototype
They’re still out there
Heinke grave visit
Helment Cam
Siebe Gorman 6 bolter
Remembering Bill Young
A Clearance Diving Experience
Experimenting with Oxygen
The Book Collector

Number 42- Winter 2007

News … event … happenings
Members Helping Members
Don Ross:  NZ Dive Pioneer
Australia’s Other Diving Inventor
100 Fathoms Down
Vinntage Gear Prices
Myster Mask Revealed
Slovenia’s Diving Museum
The Book Collector
Siebe Gorman Training in the ‘60s

Number 43 – Spring 2007

Mysterious Siebe Belt
Diver Smale and the Octopus
Reece Discombe Tribute
Manufacturer Turns 60
Pearling in the Nreth-West
A Key to the Kingdom
The Book Collector
News and more..

Number 44 – Summer 2007

1873 NZ Submarine
New Mistral Twin Hoses
The Oil Drum Diver
Pearling Part #2
Drager’s Collapsible Pots
Popoise Presentation
The Book Collector
Ming Diving Mask
Beware: Fakes About
News and more…


Number 39 – Spring 2006

News … Events… Happenings
Clearance Divers Reunion
Testing the Porpoise
Thomas Hearn: Trans Tasman Hero
Jack Dodd: Diver at Monte Bello
RESCUE:  The Entombed Miner
MY GEAR:  CA1 Porpoise
IN MEMORY :WalGibbins
EARLY SCUBA: Lawson Lung
The Book Collector
Diving Technology

Number 40 – Summer 2006

News … Events….Happenings
HDS SEAP: 10 Years On
Les Subritzky:  NZ Dive Legend
Maquay Lifting Device
Porpoise Rebreather
A Clearance Diver’s Life
The Book Collector
International Societies
Underwater Ads


Issue 37 – December 2005

News from the Board
Rare Helmet in Australia
Information Requested – Man Overboard
Recollections of my Early Days of SCUBA by Stephen Taylor Part 2
Book Review by Des Williams of “Deep Water Gold – the story of RMS Niagara” by Keith Gordon
Turning Bk the Clock at Flinders Pier by Tony Gregory
Encl: Apology for delay and request for volunteer web master

Issue 36 – September 2005

Cover Issue 37

Ted Eldred 1920 – 2005 by Jeff Maynard
Commonwealth Salvage Board Work by Des Williams
Cartoon by Dick Millington
Items Wanted
Book Review by Jeff Maynard of “Redbill” by Kate Lance
Murakami’s Diving Mask by Jeff Maynard
Recollections of my Early Days of SCUBA Diving by Stephen Taylor Part 1

Issue 35 – June 2005

News from the Board
Oh Those Sunny Salvus Days! by Keith Gordon
George Cross Recipient (P.O. J.T. Humphries) by Des Williams
My Life as a Deep Sea Diver by Morris Simon
OZTEK Dive Show in Sydney by Bob Ramsay
OZTEK – The Dive Event with Grunt by David Strike
Encl(s): Membership renewal information

Issue 34 – May 2005

Underwater Explorer’s Club – 50 years Anniversary by Bob Ramsay
First La Spirotechnique “patent style” regulator in the HDS SEAP region? by Bob Ramsay
Ted Eldred Weekend 2005 by Jeff Maynard
Jeff Maynard Wins Coveted Literary Award by Des Williams
Advertisement by Oceania Maritime for Korean Standard Dress equipment

Issue 33 – March 2005

News from the Board
For the Book Collectors by Steve Simmons – information on “The Tin Openers” and “U297”
Dr Bill Taylor – Australian Diving Pioneer by Des Williams
Special Melbourne Event – a presentation by Dr Taylor
My Life as a Deep Sea Diver Part 2 by Morris Simon


Issue 32 – December 2004

Cover Issue 32

News from the Board
Changed Attitudes – Ivor Howitt
2004 HDS Raffle Winners
HDS Rally 2004 November 5th – 7th by Steve Simmons
My Life as a Deep Sea Diver by Morris Simon Part 1
Letters to the Editor
– Reece Discombe and ER Cross from Sid Macken
– Undersea Photography from Ivor Howitt

Issue 31 – June 2004

Cover Issue 31

News from the Board
Letter to the Editor re SEDCO from Bob Ramsay
The Momsen Lung by J.E. Johnno Johnstone from Jeff Maynard
Reece Discombe – A Pacific Pioneer Diver by Keith Gordon
Memorial for Commonwealth Marine Salvage Board by Des Williams
Upcoming Events – 2004 HDS SEAP Rally November 5 – 7, 2004

Issue 30 – March 2004

Cover Issue 30

News from the Board
Underwater Aromas by Ivor Howitt
Niagara Diving Chamber and the Sedco Helen Wreck by Des Williams
Ted Eldred Rally by George Fotopoulos
What about the Comics by Steve Simmons
Upcoming Events
– Sydney Surf and Dive Expo, July 15 – 18
– The Great Southern Dive Expo, 5 – 7 November
– HDS SEAP Rally, 5 – 7 November


Issue 29 – December 2003

Cover Issue 29

News from the Board
Ad for Porpoise Souvenir T-Shirt
Diving Insights by Jeff Maynard
– letter from Norm Smith re diving at Warragamba Dam
HDS SEAP Victorian Regional Group visit to Malmsbury and Castlemaine by Des Williams
Porpoise Souvenir by Tony Gregory
Upcoming Events
– 28th Feb, Historic Walk Williamstown
– March 26 – 28, Rally at Albury
– November 6 – 7, HDS SEAP Annual Rally

Issue 28 – September 2003

Cover Issue 28

News from the Board
Harry Chadwick Diaries by Des Williams
Letters to the Society
Upcoming Events
– 18th October, tour for Victorian members including the Niagara bell
– 8th November, tour to the Australian Heritage Fleet
– TBA, video night, Gold Coast
11th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Hyperbaric Technicians and Nurses Association by Bob Ramsay
HDS SEAP at the Sydney Dive Show by Leslie Brix-Nielsen

Issue 27 – June 2003

Cover Issue 27

News from the Board
HDS SEAP Regional Meeting by Des Williams
HDS SEAP Archive – list of publications received
Letters to the Society
– Keith Gordon requested information on the Porpoise Sportsman
The Ten Kings of the Sea by Jacques and Perre Mayoll is published in English
Pots, Oxygen Pete and other strange language by Bob Ramsay
HDS SEAP Upcoming Events
– October 2003, visit Castlemaine and Malmsbury
– 3rd September, gathering at Gold Coast
– 12 – 14 September, International Dive Expo, Sydney
Notice of The Historical Diving Society (UK) Annual Conference, 18th October

Issue 26 – March 2003

Cover Issue 26

News from the Board
Rally Review
Collecting Books, a Poor Man’s Guide by Bob Ramsay
HDS SEAP Meetings
– 30 April, Dingley Village, Victoria
– 21 May, Gold Coast, Qld
– 23 April, Wayville, SA
– March 2004, South Australia, Annual Rally
The International Dive Expo, Sydney
Where is Normanville?
Robison Helmets Research
Book review by Bob Ramsay of “Hard Hat Divers Wear Dresses” by Bob Kirby


Issue #22, March 2002

Cover Issue 22

Commonwealth Marine Salvage Services Diving School (cover photo)
Kevin Hood
AUSCDT 4 Commissioning
In Memory Jacques Mayol
Sydney Rally May 11-12, 2002
What a Guy by David Strike

Issue #23, June 2002

Cover Issue 23

Ted Eldred by Des Walters
Tanks for the Memories by David Strike
Book Review by Bob Ramsay of “The History of American Deep Submersible Operations”
Sydney Rally
The Man from Thursday Island

Issue #24, September 2002

Cover Issue 24

The Entombed Miner
Ve Haf Vays of Making You Tock by David Strike
Book Review by Bob Ramsay of “Fathomeering” by Ivor Howitt
Sydney Rally

Issue #25, December 2002

Cover Issue 25

William Beebe in shallow water helmet (cover photo)
2003 Rally – Albury NSW
Request for Exhibition – Melbourne Aquarium
Book Review by Peter Green of “Beneath Tropical Seas” and “Half Mile Down” by William Beebe
Notification of Society Changes


Issue #18, May 2001

Cover Issue 18

RAN Standard Diving Course 1954 (cover photo)
Mac Lawrie, Salvage Diver & Instructor, obituary
Ray Basten – RAN diver, commercial diver & scuba instructor
Henry Chadwick – World War 2 Salvage Diver
Carl Brashear visits Australia
RAN Diving Museum HMAS Penguin Australia

Issue #19, July 2001

Cover Issue 19

Frank Dawson comes aboard after a dive (cover photo)
Frank Dawson – Royal Navy Trainer, WWII diver
Queenscliff Maritime Centre
Flashback to 1976 – helmet found after 93 years underwater
2001 An Ocean Odyssey – 16th November
Annual Rally in Sydney 29th & 30th September

Issue #20, September 2001

Cover Issue 20

Siebe Gorman 2369 (cover photo)
HDS UK by Nick Baker
Sean Hills on getting his set of standard dress together
2001 An Ocean Odyssey – 16th November
Annual Rally in Sydney – issues & alternative event
Odd Bod Helmet

Issue #21, December 2001

Cover Issue 21

Rare French helmet found in RAN dive locker (cover photo)
Sydney Rally
Member Awards – Ian Markos & Brian Tasker
Sydney Lunch
Bookcase by Peter Green
Heinke helmet stolen in Cairns
Captain James Griffiths, Brisbane


Issue #14, March 2000

Cover Issue 14

News from the Board
News from Around the Region
USA Trip including DEMA
Product Price List
Two Honorary Members Announced – Jacques Mayol & Wally Gibbins
Twin Hose Parts Contact
Book Review by Ben Galbraith of “Deep, Deeper, Deepest” by Robert F. Marx
Membership Reward Scheme
London Historical Walk

Issue #15, July 2000

Cover Issue 15

News from the Board
Old News from the Board
Sydney Rally in September
Suggestion of name change to HDS SE Asia
Tom Galloway & Derek Craig in Adelaide with Siebe 6 bolt & Siebe/Heinke pearler (photo)
Membership Application

Issue #16, September 2000

Cover Issue 16

Tom Turner & Frank Gubbins preparing to dive from Lady Denman (cover photo)
News from the Board
N.Z. Boat Show Meeting
John Lamb – helmet collector
Shipwreck book review
Tom Turner – WWII Standard Dress Diver
John Lukins – new member needs assistance
Historical Diving Related Web Sites
WEGS and Liability Cover Update
DHS Products Page

Issue #17, December 2000

Cover Issue 17

News from the Board
R.A.N. Clearance Divers Memorial
Leo Ducker – New Zealand Diving Pioneer
Keith Gordon receives the Leo Ducker award
Beware! Fake Diving helmets are on the increase
Tasmanian recent auction results
Letter from Ace Parnell
Letter from Rick Geschrey
The “Big Trip” in June 2001 to the USA
HDS Products


Issue #10, March 1999

Cover Issue 10

News from the Board
DHS ASEA Membership Rewards Scheme 1999
Society News
– DHS ASEA to attend ADEX Singapore 15 – 18 April
– Society web page.  New web site produced by Peter Stone
– State Diving Museum to be placed at the Melbourne Maritime Museum
– Singapore members to meet on April 17th
– Adelaide WEG attend Wooden Boat Festival at Goolwa on 13 – 14 March
A Texan in a 5 Gallon Hat by Andy Andrew
DHS Dives at the Melbourne Maritime Museum by Des Williams
Important Announcement – Members List to be published in Issue #12
HDS UK News – 1999 recipient for the Dr Art Bachrach Literary Award was Torrance Parker
Membership/Order Form
Product List

Issue #11, June 1999

Cover Issue 11

News from the Board
– Singapore Navy appointed as Honorary Member
Adelaide 99 Annual Rally
– 3rd September Helmet maintenance and suit repair workshop
– 4th September diving
– 4th September evening Annual Dinner
– 5th September talks:
– Dr Chris Acott – The history of bends and diver recompression
– David Burchell – dived and salvaged the HMAS Perth in Sunda Straits
– Dom Lamera – Diving the WA Treasure Wrecks
– Patrick Washington OAM – the history of the Bass Strait diver
Copy or Counterfeit by Bob Ramsay
Letter to the Editor re fake helmet
Historical Dive Equipment at Eden by Des Williams
Turkish Siebe Gorman by Dom Lamera
OZTECK by Peter Fields
SA News by Christopher Deane

Issue #12, September 1999

Cover Issue 12

– report on the Annual Rally in Adelaide
News from the Board
Donation to Society – Adelaide Skindiving Centre donates collection of old scuba equipment
Bill Fitzgerald OAM by David Strike
The Divers Seat
South Australian Manufactured Twin Hose Regulator by Bob Ramsay
Mk v Helmet Could be Yours – HDS USA Raffle

Issue #13, November 1999

Cover Issue 13

– Bob Ramsay wins ER Cross award
News from the Board
– Changes to the DHS ASEA board – Graeme Roberts leaves the board
– ER Cross Award – HDS USA chosen to present award to Bob Ramsay
– WEGs – seeking a solution to incorporate WEGs officially into HDS ASEA
More Members – request to members to assist in increasing membership
New Taxes – note re introduction of GST
Members Assistance – Leslie Leaney seeking information on companies Marshall & Hancock involved in selling diving gear
Members BBQ Dive
– NSW HMAS Penguin 18th December
– SA home of Derek Craig 19th December
Ben Cropp by Bob Ramsay
Naval Historical Society Address by DHS Members by Des Williams
Belt Up by John Allen
Adelaide 99 Rally Video CD/VHS available to buy
The Last USN Mark V of the Millenium – HDS USA Raffle


Issue #5, January 1998

Cover Issue 5

News on Henri Bource’s health
Biographical note on Jacques Cousteau who passed away in 1997
News on Historical Diver #13 being delayed to produce a special edition commemorating Jacques Cousteau
Membership fee increase
Report on underwater line dancing event held in Melbourne
Bob and Claudia Kirby to visit Adelaide on February 13th.  The following events were arranged for the visit:
– Monday 16th day – visit the SA Police Water Response Team
– Monday 16th evening – members and guests only dinner
– Saturday 21st evening – dinner and talk Port Lincoln Abalone Association
– Saturday 28th 3pm – members only BBQ
– Saturday 28th 7pm – public talk SARDI, West Beach, SA
– Sunday 29th – travel to Sydney
– 29th Feb to departure for USA – Sydney events co-ordinated by Peter and Sandy Fields and Graham and Margarita Weir TBC
Ian Baston found a full set of hard hat gear at the Lakes District Museum in Arrowtown near Queenstown NZ
Peter Deadman asked for information on a one man sub in Queensland
NSW AUF 50th Anniversary Reunion to be held on 16th May
HDS USA Treasurer and Secretary, James Forte, visited Adelaide and Sydney
PNG members will meet over a BBQ on 16th Feb
Housekeeping: Membership numbers to changes – once off tidy up
Apology for not producing membership list and membership certificates
New Product Price List available
Siebe Gorman 12 bolt for sale
DESCO Abalone Helmets available

Issue #6, June 1998

Cover Issue 6

Editorial – introduction of new editor, Ian Markos
News from the Board
Regional Annual Event to be held in Sydney 13 – 15 November
Adventure Expo 98 incorporating Scuba World held on 21 – 24 May.  HDS ASEA sponsored by Aqualung Australia
SA News by Christopher Deane – report on Bob and Claudia Kirby’s visit to SA
Victoria – Bob Ramsay and Jeff Maynard visit Bob Wallace-Mitchell and Ted Eldred and interviewed them
Queensland – meeting to be held 25th June
Article on Dave Burchell by Christopher Deane
Product Price List
Siebe Gorman 12 bolt for sale

Issue #7, August 1998

Cover Issue 7

Editorial including report on stolen Robison and Galeazzi helmets
News from the Board
Regional News:
SA News – on August 2nd two Mk V’s will be dived as a practice run for the regional meeting in Sydney
NSW by Peter Fields reports on Australasian Underwater Photographer of the Year
Victoria by Jeff Maynard on development of plans for a National Museum of Diving
Restoring a Mk V or A Labour of Love by Des Williams
Product Price List
Chinese Helmets and full sets for sale
Wanted: Russian 3 bolt dress and boots

Issue #8, October 1998

Cover Issue 8

News from the Board
– passing of Henri Bource
Regional News:
– passing of Rob Cason
HDS Canada launched
Sydney 98
Melbourne October 24 – DHS ASEA invited to participate at the Polly Woodside Maritime Museum by the Oceanic Research Foundation
Life Membership bestowed on Leslie Leaney and Andy Lentz.  James Forte recognised as a “Friend of DHS ASEA”
Renewals – overdue
Issues of Historical Diver now back on track
Siebe Gorman helmet advertised in Classifieds previously believed to be a fake
Advisory Board to be appointed next year
In Memory – Henri Bource 1935 – 1998 by Bob Ramsay
Bob Kirby workshop on restoring helmets to be held September 1999 in Santa Ynez, California
SA News by Christopher Deane – members dived Bob Ramsay’s Mk V at Southern Diving Centre
An Argument Against Reproduction Helmets by PK Chandran
Response to above by Bob Ramsay
Note that WEGS are separate to DHS ASEA
London Walk: Historical diving walk conducted by Dr John Bevan attended by Dr Chris Acott, DHS ASEA member, and Australians Prof John and Noelene Williamson
Response to above from Dr John Bevan
DHS ASEA Member Pins now available
Books in stock: 20,000 Jobs Under the Sea is the best seller
New Stock: Sea Devils now in stock

Issue #9, December 1998

Cover Issue 9

News from the Board
RAN appointed an Honorary Member
DHS ASEA Annual Event by Peter Fields
HDS ASEA Annual Awards:
DHS Member of the Year:
– 1997 – Helmet Fetish
– 1998 – Jeff Maynard
Working Equipment Member of the Year:
– 1997 – John Allen
– 1998 – Des Williams
The Helmet Dive from Hell by John Allen
Request for information on a David Clark S-5005 helmet from Bob Ramsay
Product Price List
For sale: Cabirol Sales Brochure 1858 reproduction


Issue #1

Letter – to be provided

Issue #2, April 1997

Cover Issue 2

New logo announcement
Australian Editor (Jeff Maynard) appointed for Historic Diver
Deep Diving and Submarine Operations by R.H. Davis to be available from HDS SEAP
Working Equipment Groups – note that they are not HDS SEAP functions
Regional Meetings Australia – dates for Adelaide and Melbourne meetings
Dive Shows – request for volunteers
New Members
Letter from President Bob Ramsay outlining the society’s goals and membership along with a request to participate in activities and contributions to the newsletter and magazine

Issue #3, June 1997

Cover Issue 3

General News
– Update on logo
– Report on the Singapore ADEC Show
– Members List delayed
– Foundation Members – all first year members will be Founding Members
– New Member Status – Founding Benefactor
– Currency transfers
– Mail out frequency – 4 times per year
– DHS Board Regional Policy – supplying the HDS (US) magazine and products and a newsletter as a networking tool
– Advisory Board – request for nominations
– Regional Meetings
o Sydney Dive Expo cancelled, Sydney meeting to be rescheduled
o Adelaide 9th August: Presenters William Hancock, Jeff Maynard & Terry Arnott
o Singapore 11th September
o Melbourne 11 – 12 October

Issue #4, September 1997

Cover Issue 4

Passing of member and diver William Hancock
Bob Kirby to visit Australia
Member Pin – sample to be shown at Melbourne meeting
Past Regional Meetings
– Membership list and membership certificates delayed
– Foundation Members
– Currency transfers – the society has credit card facilities
– Mail out Frequency – 4 times per year
– Advisory Board – nominations have been received and time to nominate extended
Regional Meetings
– Melbourne 11 -12 October