Tauchhistorie No 7/2017

Diver’s DiaryFred Methner6
Metal underwater cutting or not to cut, that is the questionVon Jaap Stenger15
Ted Eldred – He Changed the Diving WorldDes Williams26
Drager PA 60-2 The first two-stage twin hose by Drager for sports diversFranz Rothbrust31
Unusual high-performance regulators (Scubapro)Frank Werthwein38
Mouthpieces … (Part 1)Dr Lothar Seveke44
Hans Hass Expeditions in the Press (Part 2)Michael Kranzler54
Divers knives of the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic (Part 2)Ulf Barthel62
Bibliophiles (various book reviews)68
Eberhard Bundtzen – Archives of a diver’s legacyThomas Binder70
Advance Notice: The GEO Dive boat75
Sport Diving Museum Berlin: UW Scooter 1961Otmar Richter76
News: Little Dive Museum, Flensburg; Helmet Workshop March 2017; 125 years of Underwater Images at Museum of Frederic Dumas, Paris 2017.Various authors78