Signallinan Number 48 December 2021

The Dive Leader – By Birgitta Forsen.
The story behind the hand shower regulator – By Imre Botos.
The Portrait: Gunnar Bemert – By Anders Persson.
Nitrox diving- old knowledge late applied – By Imre Botos.
Wanted- Heavy Diver Helmets- By Anja Reimers.
The Portrait : Stig Danielsson stood up whole heartly for scuba divers- By Kent Forsen.
Fahnehjelm Helmets X2- By Staffan von Arbin.
Memoirs: Rolf Ahrman- By Staffan von Arbin.

Sigallin December 2018

Diving Supervision- By Birgitta Forsen3
The Scuba Diving host event in Edenltoft, Denmark- By Birgitta Forsen4
The World’s Always Dive Club- 80 year old- By Steffan Von Arbin7
Lysekils Dive Museum- By Ken Forsen10
The Swedish Sports Diving association was formed- By Steffan Von Arbin13
Memory Words: Hans Bolling and Gunnar Bemert – By Birgitta Forsen18
The ‘Lundakammaren” A Piece of Baromedical History- By Hans Ornhagen20
Navy Seals In Sweden – By Lars Gyllenhaal22
From the Diver Coffin: Dacor Safety Float - By Thomas Helmerson26
Association Page30

Signallin No. 40, December 2017

Diver’s GuideBirgitta Forsen3
B ack to PhingvellirStaffan von Arbin4
A collector's problemBert Westernberg8
The Hall Baltic Sea ExpeditionLorelei Randall10
Classic dive gathering for 50 th anniversaryThomas Helmersson19
Photograph: Diving Bell in the Stockholm RiverStaffan von Arbin20
Nordic diving historical meeting in LarkollenBirgitta Forsen22
Warship Kronan 1947-1980 Part 2Bengt Grisell24
The Dive Tank House attracted many visitors during the Cultural Heritage DayKent Forsen33
Association Page (includes calendar, book sales and contacts)34