Proceedings of the 2018 Conference

Proceedings of the Twenty-Eight Conference of the Historical Diving Society, Poole, 2018Speaker
John Deane’s Crimean War OperationsDr John Bevan
Peter Kreeft and design, manufacture and diving of a replica apparatusFranz Rothbrust
An Explosive LifeMick Fellows
Alexander Lambert- A 19 th Century Diving HeroGary Wallace-Potter

Proceedings of the 2017 Conference

Proceeding of the Twenty-Seventh Annual Conference of the Historical Diving Society, Poole,2017Speaker
Diving in AntarcticaDamien Sanders
It Couldn’t Have Been Done Without ThemDr. Alexzander Hildred
Submarine Diver Lockout Operation in the Argyll FieldFrank Murray
A History of Diver PathologyDr. Ian Calder