Our Constitution provides for a nine (9) member Committee to run the HDS Aus-Pac, to be elected by all financial HDS Aus-Pac members. Your present Committee is now calling for nominations to fill those positions for the coming year.

NOTE: ONLY financial HDS Aus-Pac members can make, second or accept a nomination.

To make a nomination for a Committee position, follow the instructions below and scroll down for the form.

Step 1: If you wish to make a nomination for more than one position, you will need to complete this form once for every nomination.

Step 2: Enter your name and email address.

Step 3: Nominate a fellow financial member.

Step 4: Choose from the list, which committee position you are nominating them for. Click on the box after the position name to select it.

Step 5: Complete the Nomination Form(s) by 30th August 2023.

Step 6: We will have the nomination seconded for you and seek the nominees agreement. Please note the nominee must agree, otherwise they will not be elected to the committee.

Note: Should we receive more than one nomination for a named Committee position, or more than 5 for the general committee members, a ballot will then take place. If a ballot is required all financial members will receive a voting slip with further instructions.  I will advise you if this is necessary.

Committee Nomination Form

    For the position of:

    If you wish to nominate another person for a position then you need to fill out the form again.

    If you wish to change or withdraw your nomination please contact the Honorary Secretary via email at secretary@historicaldivingsociety.com.au