The Journal of Diving History Vol 25 No 93, 4th Quarter 2017 (Historical Diving Society USA)
25th Anniversary Edition 1992-2017

EditorialLeslie Leaney4
25th Anniversary of HDS USA-History and HighlightsLeslie Leaney8
25 Years of [journal] Covers24
Vintage Scuba Articles 1992-2017 [ a select list of articles on scuba published in the Journal over the past 25 years]26
Vintage Scuba: The Guy who Started U.S Divers CompanyDick Anderson28
The Submarine Lens: Nemrod SILURO History Part IIDr Andres Carlos32
The History of Manned Submarine Habitats: Tektite II: Approaching a Near-Permanent Seafloor Scientific ColonyKevin Hadt & Ian Koblick37
Helmets of the Deep: AJ Morse & Son ?..Leslie Leaney44
International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame: Legends of Scuba Diving Exhibit48
Sea Net company wooden fins USA ? circa 1945
Books in Depth: Death in the Baltic: the WW II sinking of the Wilhelm Gustoff by Cathryn Prince; The Nazi Titanic: the incredible sotory of a doomed ship in WW II by Robert WatsonNyle C. Monday50
Cover Story: More Skin Diving Adventures (photos of kids? magazine covers)Peter Jackson52
Images in History: California abalone freediver photographGary Pilecki55
Helmet Auctions [ review of recent auction results]Leslie Leaney56
Scuba AuctionsEd LaRocelle58
Diving Watch Auctions
Camera Auctions
HDS USA Quarterly ReportSid Macken64
In Memoriam66-71