Dykkehistorisk Magazine No. 63, 2018

News from the SocietyPaul Erik Christensen3
The diver in the Memorial Room and [Danish] Navy’s first 3-bolt apparatusSven Erik Jørgensen4
Louis Rostock-Jensen16
Fukuryu Suicide DiversSven Erik Jorgensen17
Calendar 2018 Colombo Port Maritime Museum24
Hall Rees apparatus and Oxylithe “oxygen generator”Sven Erik Jorgensen25
General Meeting 201831
The Colchester Stained Glass WindowPhil Thurtle34
European Historical Diving Event 2018 [24-26 August]36
Slopkisten (Merchandise)39

Dykkehistorisk Magazine No. 62, 2017

News from the SocietyPaul Erik Christensen3
Lieutenant Louis Rostock-Jensen importance for diving safetySven Erik Jørgensen4
Yves Paul Gaston Le Prieur – officer and inventor 1885-1963 J. Krishna24
Culture Night in Copenhagen34
International Classic Diver Meeting 201834
Notice convening general Meeting 201835
As they could-at that time! [article about a personal buoy]Sven Erik Jørgensen36
Small Diving Museum in Flensburg38
Slopkisten (Merchandise)
[list includes a DVD of the Journal nos 1-60 for Kr 100 – about AUD 21]
New members39